The reporter learns from yellow 金山海鸥大厦spariverside area today, the new world city on Nanjing road 上海荤场体验the ground will be new this year in December practice, make ” first floor one ch阿拉爱上海女生对对碰 阿拉爱上海验证丹丹aracteristic ” setting experience, rich promotion ” the whole world buys the whole world to sell ” internationalization commodity experience, start ” fashionable demon ” unique IP project experience. “Road of 10 lis of Nanjing a new world ” , practice city of Shanghai new world, the boldness of the person energy of life of the appearance with match well of its Chinese and Western, jostle each other in a crowd, ceaseless have a上海工作室是仙人跳吗 taste of what is just in season, shine what make Shanghai trade together beautiful scenery. However, below the impel that new world person accelerates 3 years of actions of city of Philadelphia of construction international disappear to plan in Shanghai, assist the construction that postpones road of Nanjing of yellow riverside area to make world-class business阿拉爱上海验证贴 爱北京论坛 阿拉爱上海 encircle with all one’s strength, pass new world city to was adjusted greatly 2019, make the new raise that transition of Shanghai traditional business upgrades hard, make the assemble land that central the city zone consumes integratedly, make Nanjing way ” most Shanghai ” the experience ground of linkage of business travel style. The new world cit最新上海龙凤419y after reopen lo闵行区马桥大保健cates ” masses high end ” , with ” her economy, home is consum2019上海干磨会所ed ” to adjust masterstroke, introduce more ” high-grade but not high ” international brand. Of woman customer exclusive, area enlarged cosmetic nearly one times, introduced France) of He Lianna of HR(of brand of top class hairdressing, france is advanced Bo Puti of Bonpoint(of the brand that protect skin) countrywide general merchandise head inn, cosmetic of first of European sales volume) of poem of charm of charming of card Clarins (, treasure of POLA(of the well-known trademark that protect skin pulls Japan) etc; Fashionable colour makeup kind introduced the United States colour makeup is become red brand Nars (accept 上海油压店被警察抓了this) , BURBERRY(Bo Baili) colour makeup series, bai Ya of beautiful干磨和水磨的区别 Sha of Elizabeth Arden(Yi pauses) etc. This second adjust the option that still added more gem to deserve to act the role of for woman customer, for example: Gu Chi of GUCCI (of international luxury brand) high-end gem Asia head inn, italian light excessive wraps bag of FURLA(Fu to pull) , american brand Kate Spade(Kaitesi bud) , UGG of famous dress brand. To induct young customer, new world city readjust of 4F ” fashion tide plays ” brand, have American famous bull-puncher recreational brand ” CK Jeans ” , Holand is fam90分钟莞式水磨ous brand ” G-STAR ” , Am上海大洋马洗浴中心erican vogue wet card ” c上海狼族藏凤阁1314hampion Champion ” , hong Kong I.t is subordinate ” chocolate Chocoolate ” , ” Yi Zun Izzue Army ” , ” the Under Garden below the garden ” , wet card ” MLB ” , ” D&X ” , japanese brand ” Mo Shi MOUSSY ” , ” Si Lai SLY ” wai青浦最高档的spat. New world 上海水磨论坛city of future will make downtown traffic item in, industry condition distributings most the high-end general merchandise that accords with mode of contemporary SHOPPI闵行区spa微信NG MALL lives luxuriant, buy property condition to 上海水磨桑拿会所攻略occupy among them come阿拉爱上海 验证贴 than dropping 50% the left and right sides, condition 上海阿拉后花园千花网of functional experience industry is occupied about 29% the left and right sides, meal industry condition is occupied about 21% , and accomplished each industry condition truly without seam join. Enter 1F north atrium, there is Chinese retail general merchandise here first marine aquaria, most length of glass of arc of grand sight scene amounts to 20 meters, and the atrium aus上海南美水疗三楼tral 1F is to share odeum, build the environmental atmosphere of harmonious accrete with music. Enter 3F, there is the world that is as high as 55M here highest and indoor Pan Yan, and the world of new world ice and snow of 6F, bottle of You Bing field, ice, ice with glacial house, composition puts true snow on the ice to experience a space really. 11F is Japan of global head home to move free culture IP ” Eden of the person that igneous shadow is borne ” , 9200 ㎡ 12 big board piece the Holy land playing card that will make another young and fashionable gens. Of new world city ” feed culture ” the fashionable bid that also will make customer come first on the list. Besides B1F ” fashion is fastfood ” the market of hundred years public transportation meal that give priority to, with 9F ” local color is little drink ” besides meal city, return the southeast area in 4~8F this, key open up exceed extensive role area of meal of stereo view scene. This angle can be made the same score inspect skyscraping of mouth of Pudong land home