2019 end, ka of theater of children of class of Northern Ireland national treasure partner troupe came to China, in Shanghai open first Chinese make one’s rounds acts. On December 11, ” breath out slowly! We have a plan ” be in Shanghai formally rainbow bridge is pulled open in artistic now theater prelusive, the troops that a blue forest that belongs to size audience be personally on the scene takes a risk is about to start. Ka of theater of children of class of Northern Ireland national treasure partner the dance beautiful result that troupe makes prop, music, lamplight wait to be made meticulously with handiwork, cooperate top performer’s masterly and droll silent drama to performed unreal to change this to have be enmeshed the children d上海北蔡干磨会所干磨水磨什么意思rama that feels dye-in-the-wood. A list of plays is adapted from Irish originality the talent that insert a picture overcomes Reese Huodu (Chris Haughton) , of fashionable whole world homonymic little draw this, draw this with extremely brief the character matchs with great quality piece picture, created the forest that belongs to them to take a risk through breaking deep story clue simply to give children however. ” breath out slowly! We have a plan ” those wh金山海鸥大厦5楼spao tell about is 4 young associate come to the fowling in the forest, come to nothing, again second adjust ” plan ” silvan romance. Every child will be invited in drama ” act ” the 4th young associate, with therewith more than adventurer explores new possibility in the forest.阿拉爱上海验证丹丹 Complete theatrical work does not have a dialogue, but mix by magic, music, puppet only limbs is already enough let children fix eyes on. In days of 45 minutes, children also will be in layer upon layer in the story rhythm that go forward one by one, how is study kind to animal of natural, care. Rather at the same time, also can arouse an audience people deeper reflection — when the target that when us persistence plans at striving for his, whether ever oversight week of love that meet with and pair of benevolence. This is obtained 2014 outside on the west the area is Thespian award 上海外围女经纪微信is optimal Qing Shaoer a list of plays, obtain England in of the same age Thespian award (a list of plays of optimal adolescent of UK Theatre Awards) nominates ” sh! We have a plan ” taking original childishness and happiness to walk into forest of this strange unreal together with children, begin a magical adventure. Ad hoc of this Shanghai station show is late on December 12 ” organic friendlying edition ” , to shutti上海南美水疗莘庄店ng the special children of disease pedigree and family oneself, make the stay away from hom松江桑拿洗浴会所e of an adventure that belongs to them only, the show content that suits to offer a sense from children of the pedigree that shut disease and show serve. Lighting will be abate its change extent, enlarge sound volume will be reduced to specific decibel… stimulate to avoid to bring excessive sense to the child, special performance show will provide service and help for special children family on detail, make a homefelt environment that watch opera for it as far as possible. In the s嘉定哪里可以做大保健how, special children young audience also won’t be maintained quiet by the requirement like customary show, main actors are met hint at warmth giving out before begin, encourage children to loosen the earth’s surface to amount to a mood freely. Those who appoint ” quiet borough ” the special children that in letting watch drama process, feel nervous, get the be pacified 上海会所一般都有什么服务of the mood. Open this ” the sense organ is静安区深海spa affable ” the concept also is a hope through commonweal colla上海会所全套价格行情boration work of art gives will outstanding abroad children more special families bring a warmth, arouse the artistic endowment that shuts disease child oneself. Let children walk into a theater together with father mother this communal space, experience Thespian happiness comfortable and happily. “Not be a kind of prerogative dramatically, and the creates good world of children drama, need lets more special children also have equal the opportunity will experience, obtain inspire. ” Qi Xiaogong of foreign international author expresses, program beginning acts in make one’s rounds, with Ka partner troupe is engineered jointly, want to present wonderful theatrics to little rare chance to enter a theater, and the special children that are worth to acquire artistic infection likewise. A series of the whole families that sponsor culture of square drama dream to appear to countrywide audience this year上海水磨论坛 are j上海后花园 阿拉爱上海oyous work ” very hungry wool caterpillar is beautiful ” , melodrama ” Madagascar ” , ” breath out slowly! We have a plan ” , act in the make one’s rounds of each district in spread out collaboration continuously with commonweal orgnaization, had been children audition barrier, children staying behind, from the pedigree that shut disease special children br宝山荤场ings special show activity and commonweal showing number. To father mother, be bor阿拉爱上海 预警区n the first day to this world to rise from darling, “Plan ” two words become excitement letting a person headaches again. We expect a calculated to be上海水磨娱乐会所 嘉定 carried out smoothly, the blackart that anguish changes at planning to always cannot be caught up with is mensurable. ” breath out slowly! We have a plan ” the story can give the child not only joy and think, also can let parents also be harvested when guiding the child to grow at the same time an inspiration and inspire.